Behind the Grit

I'm Dylan King.

& I’d love to share with you a little bit about who I am and where I come from.

I have a BFA in Performing Arts, and I worked as a Starbucks Store Manager for 8 years. Towards the end of my tenure at Starbucks, things just started to feel a little… off. In fact, they felt so off that I created a secret Instagram away from my friends and family where the bio was “a place to be the things I can’t in real life.”

But the more I posted on that account, the more I realized just how out of alignment I was living. I had strayed so far from my purpose that I wasn’t even sure what it was anymore. It got to a point where I could either keep working- pushing to meet goals that didn’t bring me any joy or fulfillment- or resign and figure out what that purpose was.

So I resigned.

With no new job. No direction. Just a little bit of savings, and a lot of hope.

If you knew SM Dylan vs Coach Dylan... you'd think they were 2 different people. 

& that's mostly because.... they sort of were. In the time since I made that big shift, I have peeled back layers upon layers & made huge discoveries about myself. (You know- like what I want out of life, what my values are, & who I am deep down inside- no biggie.) 

At the end of 2019, I became deeply committed to helping others experience the same transformation that I had gone through & so I began my life coaching. But we're always changing, & always evolving. In 2020, I experience a download of the phrase 'authenticity studio' & refocused into creating a virtual studio where women could gather to learn how to be fearlessly themselves- free from others' expectations, opinions, & limits. 

My mission is to continue to guide women on their worthiness journey so they can discover that true success lies in that age old adage- "just be yourself."


I'm committed to further my education so that I have as many tools & resources as possible to support you on your journey. Here are a few of my certifications.

BFA Performing Arts Savannah College of Art & Design

International Coaching Federation Certified Coach & Hypnotherapist

Life & Success Coaching 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neurolinguistic Programming

Emotional Freedom Techniques

TIME Techniques

For the Lulz

A few fun facts about me

I'm a mom to 2 little girls, a cat & a mint plant.
I love Lady Gaga, Poppy & punk music.
I'm Enneagram 3, ENFJ, Aries & a Projector. 
I'm a TX native & live in the Houston area.

"Dylan is so great! I cannot begin to express how my mindset has shifted- even from just our first conversation. I'm breathing easier, feeling more grounded, and my mind is clearer than ever. Thank you 🙏"

-Kristen R.

My Personal & Professional Values


Pursuing paths that spark joy & fulfillment


Living in sync with who we are internally


Bettering ourselves while following God's plan


Thinking creatively to reach our goals


Be fully you. Full time. 

Get access to all the tools, tips & resources you need to be successful while being true to yourself.